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Brand Archetype Quiz

Discover the 12 Brand Archetypes to drive business success.

Complete this quick 3 min Brand Archetype Quiz to help you identify your brand personality and create engaging content.

How do Brand Archetypes work?

Archetypes tell a story about yourself, your business, or your brand because it uses universal ideas and values and turns them into a tangible outcome that is associated with your persona.

Archetypes are especially powerful for branding because they connect deeply with fundamental aspects of human psychology. Chances are that you can easily recognise and understand many archetypes in characters from your favourite books, TV shows, movies, and even in your own life.

This intuitive understanding is exactly the power that we’re looking to tap into.

The benefits of Brand Archetypes

From a distance, a business can look very simple - especially when the relationship is built upon a transactional basis. However, the world's most successful brands go beyond this and develop a solid personal relationships with their customers. It’s the secret to successful branding - personalising your brand so that your customers can connect emotionally and instinctively relate to it.

"Strong brands have personality, whilst weak brands don't! "

Brand Archetypes require you to embed humanity into your vision, goals, and values.  And history has shown that businesses that can correctly and successfully develop and exploit their archetypes are the most likely to thrive.

More than just 'doing business'

If you don’t want to be just another business in the market competing on price, benefits and features, then you will need to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Your brand needs a real personality with a tone of voice. Archetypes are fully formed personalities with an outlook on life, an opinion on the world and firm beliefs that allow brands to connect as though they were human.

In other words, if you want your audience to know who you are as a brand, your brand needs to know who it is.

At Dot Design Studio, I help you identify and optimise your brand by delving deeper into your Brand Archetype and creating content to drive the brand.

Find your Archetype alignment

Your brand may align very strongly with a single archetype, or it may be better understood as a blend of two. In the case of multiple archetypes, it’s best to think of one as the “dominant” archetype and the additional archetype as “supporting”.

As the adage goes “If you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one”. Great brands are focused.

You may be tempted to take traits from multiple archetypes to express your brand’s individualism but understand the consequences of a “confused brand”.